Prose Review – “To Feel Nothing Or To Feel Everything” by Aimie

I have dated a woman who was on anti-depressants (without my knowledge) and definitely had mental health issues. After that fling was over, I used to wonder a lot not about her, but about those happy pills (a.k.a antidepressants). Its been a decade since then and I have always wanted to know the first-person story … Continue reading Prose Review – “To Feel Nothing Or To Feel Everything” by Aimie

Have You Contracted Negativity Virus?

If you see someone helping someone by spending their time or money and all you can think is this; This guy is either jobless or is too stupid to waste time and money on other ungrateful people. Then you are one cranky, crabby and a negative individual and you definitely need immediate help.

Relationships With People Suffering From Alternate Reality

[I was thinking of a suitable gift of Halloween¬†for everyone and this idea came to my mind i.e. to write something that could save people's lives, precious emotions and promote healthy relationships. I don't like fear-mongering myself but it is probably the lesson of Halloween to make any fear look like a play thingy hence … Continue reading Relationships With People Suffering From Alternate Reality

Why Do I Hate Psychology?

Carla Akil runs a blog by the name of "Beyond Bounds" and probably she's a student of psychology who writes a lot on relationships. I used to be attracted to her writings since she was young and felt like trying to figure out relationships. I like the initial innocent phase of any human trying to … Continue reading Why Do I Hate Psychology?

Sigmund Freud: Defense Mechanisms

After spending 50 years in trying to find the magic of positivity, only recently I have started to find the magic of negativity that most people feel attracted to. In that, I think Sigmund Freud will be a great help. For a better explanation of these (negative) terms, check out another link;

36 Questions To Fall in Love

Here are 36 questions (divided in 3 sets) that two complete strangers, sitting right next to each other, can ask each other taking turns. Since this can easily last an hour, hence after completion of each set, a 2 to 4 minutes break is taken silently looking (sort of staring) at each other. The meeting … Continue reading 36 Questions To Fall in Love

Love being disliked

"LivingWithButterflies" is a 20-something anonymous blogger who wrote these interesting words on her blog post "The fear of being disliked"; Because then it snowballs. I snowball. She is going through a therapy for depression and the phobia of people not liking her. But these quoted words speak something else about her. She is a natural … Continue reading Love being disliked

Don’t develop a thick skin

I was browsing web on the topic "thick skin" and majority of those shrinks (psychologists), qualified or not, suggested a myriad of ways to develop a thick skin. In other words, they train you to shut the whole world out and become this very center of your own universe where nobody else's opinion or views … Continue reading Don’t develop a thick skin

A woman’s past relationships

Sukriti Bhatia (a mental health counselor) wrote a very interesting article on women's past relationships and how men view them. I was a bit confused reading her piece as she'd come off as a counselor and then at times, she'd claim (in comments section) as knowing nothing about the other gender (men) and relating with … Continue reading A woman’s past relationships