Fearing Social Media?

I took my gloves off only after watching and learning from trolls on Internet for more than 15 years. Before social media, there were all kinds of internet forums, chats, etc. You may say its a long time not succumb to the urge of participating in a discussion freely and openly. And I can't agree … Continue reading Fearing Social Media?

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Tag me… Tag me… Tag meeeee…. (Amir jumps up and down long way down the queue while his voice fades in the noise)

Lemon Shark

Wonderful Bloggers of OZ_2 - sig

We aren’t people anymore.

Have you noticed?

We’re the Wonderful Bloggers of OZ.

When you read an article or post or tweet, look at the language. “Bloggers”. Like some group of lost writers who crashed a hot air balloon, landing in a bizarre world: The Blogosphere.

We perform tricks to dazzle—with words and photos that aren’t quite as real as we’d make them out to be.

Because, sometimes, your dog’s foot is in the background of that perfect tulip shot and needs to be cropped out. Sometimes that amazing idea gets caught in a tornado and thoughts whirl around and around until you plop down near a Technicolor yellow brick road.

You land on a witch and get her sparkly shoes (which are wicked cool). So there’s that. But there are flying monkeys to watch out for. So there’s that, too.

The Blogosphere can be a scary place.

It’s filled…

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Practical And Free Digital Marketing Plan Of Action Via Social Media Channels

  Today I am going to present a passive (not aggressive) online internet marketing plan of action that will get your business right at the top of the digital world for everyone else to see and engage with. The basic premise of this marketing plan is that it is spam-free, free of cost (except the … Continue reading Practical And Free Digital Marketing Plan Of Action Via Social Media Channels

Social Media Platforms Who Allow Hate Speech, Must Face Law

We don't have the right to spread hatred behind the guise of free speech online at social media or offline. Henry Cooke from Stuff.co.nz writes; Social media companies will come under increasing pressure from the public and the Government in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. The Government's Cabinet meeting on Monday is expected … Continue reading Social Media Platforms Who Allow Hate Speech, Must Face Law

How To Report Hatred On Social Media

Hatred comes in many shapes and forms. And if unchecked, it can easily culminate in many innocent lives lost in the shape of mass shootings by someone who hates a specific group of people. Gun laws will take time to place a check on it. In the meanwhile, all of us can play our part … Continue reading How To Report Hatred On Social Media