Too Late

I belong to technology and today I feel sad about this belonging. If this technology was not there in the first place, one will never find out about any such sad event via Google.

Reading a poem by “mishunderstood” about her finding out a sad passing of her loved one via Google, I wondered about all those wonderful souls that I have kissed. And today, I don’t even Google them to find out how they are.

Her poem gave me just one more reason to never Google any of my loved ones, long lost but still closer to my heart enough to never read such a shocking news.

Praying for their health. Amen!


Warning: language

I googled you today

you were gone

I was wrong

to think that time was infinite

it was only imminent

this cancer, “fucking cancer”

would escort you out

without waiting one zippin’ minute

for thoughts to collect

memories to reflect

on your beautiful face

Written for the Quadrille prompt that De is hosting this week at d’verse Poets PubThe given word is “zip”. Somehow I managed to incorporate it as I struggle with the loss of a childhood friend.

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