Only One Year Left Of My Re-birth

Next month, I'd be 49 years old. That leaves only one year until its half a century of my existence on planet Earth. Out of billions of galaxies, why was this galaxy and this planet chosen, I may never know. However, as per the average age of humans (since I'm born in a human form), … Continue reading Only One Year Left Of My Re-birth

We Are NOT One

Many believe that the philosophy of everything being unique is behind the death and destruction of this world. Hence, they came up with another crazy philosophy i.e. all of us being one. This new philosophy is getting quite popular now-a-days amongst humans and this video explains it better than me wasting more of my breath … Continue reading We Are NOT One

13 Billion Years Old Galaxy – Bedin 1 This video takes the viewer on a journey to the globular cluster NGC 6752. The final view, from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows the bright stars of the cluster, as well as a collection of faint stars; these faint stars are actually part of a background galaxy, which was discovered accidentally by … Continue reading 13 Billion Years Old Galaxy – Bedin 1