Watching Her Lower Lip – A Deliberate Sin

Its been long since I got laid or I'm just some creep. Before you reach that conclusion after reading this, here's my suspense (of your reaction) out of the way 🙂 na na na na na! I was at this traffic stop signal when I saw a lady alongwith her family waiting on the red … Continue reading Watching Her Lower Lip – A Deliberate Sin

Vagina Worshipers

Back in November, 2018, I wrote; "From vagina we come, To vagina, we go" (Ref: I don't have vagina and I wonder about the kind of attention that comes with it. Instead of a vagina, a (flexible) stick was placed (they call it a penis) on me. In real life, I have seen many … Continue reading Vagina Worshipers

14 Traits Of A Woman

I don't know if its fiction or not, but someone narrated a thousands years old story about a king who asked his ministers to come up with 40 most beautiful things about a woman. Once they wrote them, he asked them to now bring him 40 women who were best in one of those traits. … Continue reading 14 Traits Of A Woman