“It appears the page is run by a TERF”

I can totally understand your right and choice to have the identity you want. However, what’s the fuss with all this defending, fighting and arguing? Who are you and what you want to be, should never be none of anybody’s business, let alone their having a fit at your right to your own body, sex, gender, etc. I tried reading and comprehending the need but am still a little baffled at your giving haters this much precious energy of yours. Hugs and love! 👍🌹


Brazen She

It’s amazing how difficult it is to talk about women’s issues.

Today I was outed as a “TERF.”

For those uninitiated, that’s Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Which is technically true, I suppose. In that I understand that the only thing that makes a person one sex or the other is their anatomy. The rest is all gravy.

I work hard for my bread and don’t have patience for this circus!

Trans Politics Dwell in Hyperbole

I have resisted getting directly involved in the conversation for two reasons:

  1. My focus is women. Not what makes someone a woman or men who want to be women.
  2. I have more important things to do than deal with trans rights activists who are not going to listen to a damn thing I say.

I already lost one old friend over this. A friend who started life as a girl and now lives as a man…

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Switching genders

At this young age of 48 (almost half a century), I have switched my attention from one gender (males) to another one (females). There are trans-genders too but I have always had more fun with them instead of giving them much attention. When I am done with this new-found gender (of women) in another 50 … Continue reading Switching genders