A Writer Sampling Another Writer’s Words

A writer usually forgets another role i.e. a reader. He/she was a reader once upon a time before becoming a writer. Now, things are permanently different for a writer. They can't seem to enjoy someone's creative word without wanting to change, modify it just like a driver who can't bear another driver right next to … Continue reading A Writer Sampling Another Writer’s Words

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Tag me… Tag me… Tag meeeee…. (Amir jumps up and down long way down the queue while his voice fades in the noise)

Lemon Shark

Wonderful Bloggers of OZ_2 - sig

We aren’t people anymore.

Have you noticed?

We’re the Wonderful Bloggers of OZ.

When you read an article or post or tweet, look at the language. “Bloggers”. Like some group of lost writers who crashed a hot air balloon, landing in a bizarre world: The Blogosphere.

We perform tricks to dazzle—with words and photos that aren’t quite as real as we’d make them out to be.

Because, sometimes, your dog’s foot is in the background of that perfect tulip shot and needs to be cropped out. Sometimes that amazing idea gets caught in a tornado and thoughts whirl around and around until you plop down near a Technicolor yellow brick road.

You land on a witch and get her sparkly shoes (which are wicked cool). So there’s that. But there are flying monkeys to watch out for. So there’s that, too.

The Blogosphere can be a scary place.

It’s filled…

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Emoji Emoticon or Smiley in WordPress.com

By default, Emoji or emoticon support is turned off in WordPress.com. Here's how you can enable happy or sad icons (i.e. 🙂 or 😦 or some other silly ones) in your WordPress blog posts on WordPress.com; Login to https://wordpress.com and click "My Site" icon on top-left corner of the screen; Next, click "WP-Admin" at the … Continue reading Emoji Emoticon or Smiley in WordPress.com