Excuses, excuses

I will let “Lady Of The Lake” speak here and listen to her in an awe 🙂

Thoughts of Tee

For anyone who would like to read the article and see further pictures, here is the link: https://www.politicususa.com/2019/07/02/photos-from-inside-trumps-detention-camps-show-migrants-crammed-into-cages-begging-for-help.html

I posted this in a group on Facebook. It seems Trump supporters have a million reasons this is okay. It is the fault of the parents. The immigrants are rapists, drug lords, and murders. Illegal immigrants take the jobs of American citizens, (like there are American citizens lining up to pick fruit and vegetables in the hot sun all day like these migrants do every day they can). Immigrants will work for less so American workers get paid less. It is always something to excuse the policies and practices of this administration.

I get so tired of these professed good Christians telling me this is okay and citing political reasons for why this is okay. Or, it is okay because the facilities and border control are overwhelmed. Basic humanity is suddenly not…

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