You Look Beautiful

She was Lying in my face And without Letting her know That I have Figured her out I said "You look beautiful" Note: She was good looking from a distance but when she came closer, she actually had an ugly face. Not that she was not born beautiful but with the passage of life (age) … Continue reading You Look Beautiful

Kip Moore – Something About A Truck (Lyrics) Lyrics: Somethin bout a truck in a farmers field A no trespass sign, and time to kill Nobody's gonna get hurt, so what's the big deal Somethin bout a truck in a farmer's field Somethin bout beer, sittin on ice After a long hard day, makes it taste just right On that dropped tailgate, … Continue reading Kip Moore – Something About A Truck (Lyrics)

Dierks Bentley – Somewhere On A Beach (Lyrics) Lyrics: Bet you think I'm sitting at home. No. Bet you think that I'm all alone. No. Bet you think I'm missing you and wishing you would call my phone, Hell, no! I went wheels up on a runway And that ticket was a one-way I'm somewhere on a beach Sipping something strong, Got … Continue reading Dierks Bentley – Somewhere On A Beach (Lyrics)

Never Make Me Doubt Myself

Never make me Doubt myself My eyes My ears My gut feelings I am wrong And now I am right Since you took The pains To point All of my wrongs Note: Call me all names you can including the self-righteous ones. You're wiped and erased in my world. Thanks for not existing at all … Continue reading Never Make Me Doubt Myself

Dierks Bentley – Burning Man ft. Brothers Osborne (Lyrics) Lyrics: Half your life you struggle Half your life you fly Half your life makin' trouble Half your life makin' it right One day I'm the exception Most days I'm just like most Some days I'm headed in the right direction And some days I ain't even close I'm a little bit steady but … Continue reading Dierks Bentley – Burning Man ft. Brothers Osborne (Lyrics)


It took me reading 50 or so random people’s blog posts before I found this gem of a beauty through words, picture and sound (of music). The combination of a beautiful face with a beautiful mind is rare now-a-days and I feel lucky for having found this awesome-beyond-words post of Tessa Burman. Check out every single word of hers in this particular post.. it will fill your soul with positivity beyond anything you’ve discovered so far.


Tessa Burman

Being a human in the world is a weird idea. You are born out of no where and thrust into a world where ideas and thoughts are forming and changing as you grow. Every part of your being depends on the life force around you that influences you. Think about it.

Take music. I love music. I am particularly drawn to rock. Not yelling metal. But good rock music. David Bowie, Huey Lewis and the News, AC/DC, Def Lepard. Clearly a child of the 80s. I grew up in a household that listened to mostly country music. Charlie Pride, Tom T Hall, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Keith Whitley. I do think there was an 8 track of the BeeGees in there. (If you don’t know what an 8 track is…..I am sorry for you and your childhood. Please go to google.) And then I discovered whole new ranges of music…

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