Yours, of course!

When I wasLooking for love I foundGold-digging, stealing Violent, hideously deceptiveAnd lying bitch Since that tiny mistake(Looking for love) Let love find youWith a little help of Yours,Of course! Note: I could have easily replaced "Let love find me" but then I wanted the other soul's distant voice count in here.

Throwback Thursday #1

My sun has stopped its shining
cold replaces what once was warm
there’s lightning in my eyes
I have never felt so scorned.

This natural-born ability to feel and express is found rarely amongst souls since most of us try to attach this or that excuse to the wrong-doer from such a close proximity. In the darkest moments of our lifetime, it is this type of storm I look forward to seeing in any human, to see if his or her soul is still alive and kicking vis-a-vis those who chose the darkest, loneliest corner to exist until their natural demise.

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Hello Friends,

A few of you have reached out to me lately, and I am always so touched that you think of me after all this time. I have lost some followers, which makes me sad, but I understand. I have not been consistent with writing my posts or reading yours. I apologize, but I get it.

Life has been chaotic, hectic, overwhelmingly stressful, and beautiful lately. School eats up a lot of my time, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Graduation is in December!

I have some new ideas for the blog, and I want to start introducing some new segments to revamp it. I can’t promise that I will always be consistent. It depends on my homework load, but I promise to make more efforts to stay in touch through this blog. I miss reading your blog posts, interacting, and writing, and we…

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Block Spam Bots Auto Form Submissions By Using Google reCATCHA Verification With Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

First of all, register your website domain with Google reCAPTCHA service to get site key and secret key; Enter any name in the label and your WEBSITENAME.COM under domains; Next, copy and paste in a safe place the SITE KEY and SECRET KEY for use later; Now go back to your website's WordPress dashboard … Continue reading Block Spam Bots Auto Form Submissions By Using Google reCATCHA Verification With Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

Dream Series: Words Written In A Dream

All of my hundreds of flings, wives, girlfriends, one-night stands alongwith their kids who love me to death, they are all gathered around a swimming pool and before even I took their pic via my phone, they all dispersed back to their normal lives. While talking about the love of one of my hundreds of … Continue reading Dream Series: Words Written In A Dream


Did i hear correctly?! You're talking about British Capital, that invaded Ireland and tortured Irish people, that capital that colonised Africa and India, had slavery, military alliances with NATO 26 countries that earn money on wars in Middle East, that capital which after each invasion brought the exhibits for their so-called world museums, that country … Continue reading London

Whom I Have Not Met

I want toTalk to you Whom I have not metAnd ProbablyWill never meet EitherI want you to feel Like how I feelAnd then I want to feelHow you feel But thenI don't want To become youSince There won't beAnything left Different or uniqueAbout you HenceIf you think You'd fall in loveWith me Losing yourselfThen I … Continue reading Whom I Have Not Met