Outsource Technical Support Call Center Pricing

Here are some offshore or locally outsourced technical support or call center pricing estimates; Inbound: Shared $0.45/minute Int'l - $0.90/minute US/Canada/Australia Dedicated $8/hr int'l - $28/hr US/Canada/Australia Monthly $1,100/agent Int'l - $2,600 US/Canada/Australia Outbound: Hourly $6.00 India - $9.00 Eastern Europe/Latin America - $22.00 US/Canada/Australia Commission 10% to 20% (All prices in US$)

Play Android Games & Apps on Computer

If you like a particular Android application (software) or a game, but find your phone's screen too small to enjoy its full potential. You can easily play the same app or game on a larger screen of your computer or the laptop. Simply install any of these Android emulators on your computer; Free Android Emulators: … Continue reading Play Android Games & Apps on Computer