Instead Of Any Soul Searching, How About We Continue Living And Loving?

Recently, I had a virtual interaction with a beautiful blogger who was in the middle of doing soul searching because someone else had identified some of her shortcomings. Here's how the conversation went between us; Her comments That is so awesome Amir!! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me and I am so … Continue reading Instead Of Any Soul Searching, How About We Continue Living And Loving?

Lara Fabian – Perfect (Lyrics) Lyrics: I can read on your faceYou expect my disappointmentAnd you think that all you can beIs never gonna be enough And you feel you've fallen shortWell your doubts aren't silentAnd it hurts me when my soul can hearYou underestimate me Never think that you don't knowHow to love me it isn't so You … Continue reading Lara Fabian – Perfect (Lyrics)

iiO – Rapture (Lyrics) Lyrics: LaLa la la la la laLa la la la la laLaLa la la la la laLa la la la la la The night I laid my eyes on youI felt everything around me moveGot nervous when you looked my wayBut you knew all the words to say And your love slowly moved right … Continue reading iiO – Rapture (Lyrics)

Life Is Beautiful That Way – Noa (Lyrics) Lyrics: Smile, without a reason whyLove, as if you were a child,Smile, no matter what they tell youDon't listen to a word they sayCause life is beautiful that way. Tears, a tidal wave of tearsLight, that slowly disappearsWait, before you close the curtainThere is still another game to playAnd life is beautiful that way … Continue reading Life Is Beautiful That Way – Noa (Lyrics)

The book of D-Eli

This is a must-read for anyone who sets out to find their soulmate. This is EXACTLY how it feels when you are ready to fall in love with someone total stranger. And this is EXACTLY how you feel AFTER you fall in love. In such easy and simple words, she described such a complex and complicated process of dating strangers.

SaltofThaEarth 🥀

Imagine you’re in a deserted place. It’s quiet with exception to the wind and everything around you appears to have survived the apocalypse. You squint your eyes as you do a quick survey of your surroundings. The sunshine is bright even though its rays shine grey because of the overcast. The winds’ whistles are alternately sounding off between gusts of dust and tumbleweeds whipping through. You look for the breeze to refresh you but instead it encourages beads of sweat to run into your eyes. You continue to walk down the road scanning the horizon for life and some evidence that you are not alone to no avail.

As days turn into weeks you settle into your new normal. Every day is the same. You wake up early and search for food and hope that this is the day that you find someone else wandering around looking for you. You…

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A Garment On Their Naked Soul

To bringSomeone's animal out SimplyStrip them off Their power to thinkAnd act PositivelyWhich is like A garment on theirNaked soul Note: Pissing someone off is an art with which some people are either born with or they can learn too. During martial art self-defense training of my teenage years, our teacher encouraged us to tease … Continue reading A Garment On Their Naked Soul


Eleonora nailed the concept of love perfectly through these very easy-to-understand words;

“Love is not possessed, but it can be obtained. When you get it, it’il always be part of you. No matter if that loved one is far from you or flees confused, she will always come back if such a feeling has felt. Probably when you say that true love lasts forever a fund of truth there is. Unlike Gibran Nietzsche he always appears very material, linked to reality, as if everything were either just white or just black. Love leads you to perform many actions, sometimes not very positive for yourself, but only and solely in order to make happy or help the person you love. Of course he could not be rhetorical and preferred to be blunt and concise. With our hearts in our hands, Gibran ends our journey again, in search of the best words and metaphors to express a strong love, expressed to hyperbole. The image of this desert covered in flowers at the vist eye just blooming on the blazing sand is really full of charm and feeling. It is the impossible that takes shape. With these words ends this journey to discover a feeling often too stereotyped and taken for granted and that we should all live freely and in all its forms and according to our desire.”

Eleonra said the above by referring to these quotes;

If you love someone, let them go, because if they come back, they have always been yours.
And if she doesn’t come back, she never has been. (Khalil Gibran)

What we do out of love is always beyond good and evil. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

I love you terribly. If a flower blossomed every time I think of you, every desert would be full of it. (Khalil Gibran.)

Storyteller's Eye Word

Un Saluto a tutti, Cari Lettori. Oggi si conclude lo Speciale dedicato all’amore, dedicato forse proprio per questa ragione a tutti gli esseri viventi. Mi piace completare un percorso culturale con delle citazioni, penso che siano la scelta migliore e in questo post, seppur la filosofia é sempre protagonista lo sarà un pó meno, per celebrare in questo piccolo spazio la bellezza e l’istinto che nutre un sentimento tanto profondo. Protagonisti l’antitesi, per così dire del sentimento amoroso, ovvero Khalil Gibran e Friedrich Nietzsche. Da un lato un uomo critico dei dettati sociali, dall’altra uno tra i poeti più romantico di sempre. Inizierei dunque da quest’utimo, con la prima citazione pubblicata, in alto a sinistra. Le parole e il concetto stesso continuano a stupirmi, nonostante le conosca molto bene. L’amore non si possiede, ma si può ottenere. Quando l’avrai ottenuto sarà sempre parte di te. Non importa se tale persona…

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Audrey Hepburn, 1988 – 1993

“I want you to know that you were the last dream of my soul.” – Charles Dickens

arta mister divin

„ Doresc să știți că ați fost ultimul vis al sufletului meu.”– Charles Dickens

Cu toții avem suflete de diferite vârste.

A doua iubire a lui Audrey Hepburn, regina eleganţei,a venit drept o surpriză, Robert Wolders.Cei doi au avut o relaţie până la moartea actriţei, pe 20 ianuarie 1993. Ea spunea „Îmi oferă acel sentiment minunat că sunt protejată şi că sunt cel mai important lucru pentru el” AudreyHepburna fostiubireavietiilui. Si noi am iubit-o pentru candoarea ei.

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