Sonyo Estavillo – In The Middle Of Keyboards


All those buttons, computer keyboard, the cable remote, the TV remote… and oh, how can one forget that gorgeous view of Sonyo Estavillo and another tiny copy of herself (her newly-born daughter Ariabella in the lap). As if she carries the whole universe within a few inches of distance from her. A wonderful capture (photo) of a memorable moment.

Her tweet about this pic says;

1st pic my daughter Ariabella (turns 4-yrs today on #mothersday) was just born. I was breastfeeding while writing MS #2. 4 yrs later, I finally have rep for it. Reminds me of the #mom + #writer juggle. To all #writermoms in the #writingcommmunity, #HappyMothersDay! Don’t give up!



Sonyo Estavillo


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