Cyber Panel – An alternate to Vesta Hosting Control Panel For Ubuntu 18 on Amazon LightSail

On Amazon Lightsail, Select OS Ubuntu 18 when creating a VPS instance and attach static ip.

Open these TCP and other ports IPv4 Firewall in the Networking tab on LightSail VPS instance;

TCP: 8090 for CyberPanel
TCP: 80, TCP: 443 and UDP: 443 for webserver
TCP: 21 and TCP: 40110-40210 for FTP
TCP: 25, TCP: 587, TCP: 465, TCP: 110, TCP: 143 and TCP: 993 for mail service
TCP: 53 and UDP: 53 for DNS service

In the CloudFlare DNS for your domain, enter this newly created IP address A records for @ and www

Next, click the SSH icon next to the machine and issue this command to get root access;

sudo su –

apt update && apt upgrade

reboot your machine and run these commands again;

sudo su –

apt update && apt upgrade


sh <(curl || wget -O –

Do NOT install anything else to keep it bare minimum by choosing NO to every prompt later.

After your system reboots, access cyberpanel control panel;


username: admin

password: 1234567

change password after you login.

When creating new website in the dashboard, do not enable anything i.e. mail domain, etc.

From CyberPanel’s DNS, copy A, CNAME, MX and TXT records to cloudflare or whichever domain DNS server you got;

To test and verify DNS records propagation, visit; and search A records by entering your domain and press SEARCH button.

To verify, the MX records propagation, select MX from the drop down list and enter your domain name, press SEARCH;

To test and verify the REVERSE LOOKUP propagation of your server’s IP, visit this URL and enter your IP address;

After website creation and DNS records, simply create a new mailbox and access webmail via snappymail i.e.


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