Convert Bootable USB to an ISO Image


Download and install ImgBurn from this link; (make sure you don’t install any other software packaged with it)


Insert your USB drive into the computer and start ImgBurn program. Click “Create Image File From Files/Folders”;


Click “Browse” button right next to the Source option on top-left corner and select the USB drive. In the “Destination” option right under it, click the “Browse” button and select the destination folder and enter the file name. When done, click the “Advanced” tab on the right and then click the “Bootable Disc” tab under it;


Enable the check-box labeled as “Make Image Bootable” and click the “Browse” option next to the “Boot Image” and select “” file in the “Boot” folder on the USB drive. Enter “Microsoft Corporation” in the “Developer ID” box. Make sure that “Load Segment” box is labeled as “07C0” (where 0 is zero, not “O”). Enter 8 in the “Sectors to Load” (if you are building Windows 7 or Windows 10 image). In case of Windows Vista, enter 4.


Next, under the Advanced –> Restrictions –> ISO9660, checkmark the box labeled “Allow Files Exceeding Size Limit” (Single Extent);


When done, click “Build” button marked as a folder to CD on bottom to continue;

In the next dialog box “Confirm Volume Label”, accept the default values and press “Yes” to continue;


In the pop-up box with final values, Click “OK” to start building the ISO image file process;


When done building the ISO image, it will show you the dialog box as below;


Updated: 25 Jan 2020

Credits: AdyGudus from


30 thoughts on “Convert Bootable USB to an ISO Image

      1. Sir there is a problem in this method as you have shown all the methods are correct. There is one problem you skipped one step here about the source in which we have to select the usb drive disk


      2. It is clearly mentioned and displayed via a picture in third paragraph;

        “Click “Browse” button right next to the Source option on top-left corner and select the USB drive.


  1. can you share on how to convert my linux tinycore live usb into a bootable iso so this iso can be use in easyboot usb drive?
    my live usb is actually seatools bootable and it is based on tinycore linux.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,
    thank you for this tutorial, it’s great! But I have a question. When I click “Build” button, shows a following message:

    “Your image contains an ‘install.wim’ file in the ‘sources’ directory so I’m going to assume it’s an Operating System installation disc. Operation System installation discs typically use the ‘UDF’ file system, not ‘ISO9660 + UDF’ as you have selected. Would you like me to adjust the setting for you?”

    What should I choose?


  3. Hello, I have a question, after processing, save two files, one .mds and one .iso , as new with that which one is to be burned on dvd ? thank you.

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  4. i did just what yousaid but it doesnt work cause i got an image file of 2.8 mb and not an iso file and the process tooks only 1 second to please help me,what should i do


    1. This article is about converting a bootable USB into ISO image, not vice versa. You can share screenshots and more details about what you are trying to accomplish with which specific bootable operating system?


  5. Hello Amir,

    I’ve got a USB bootable key which is not Windows based so I cannot find any .com files within the key.

    Any advises on which file should i choose.

    I go for exemple bootmgr.efi file or boot.sdi files or bootfix.bin files


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