All That Waits for You

As a writer, Alison invites us (the people) into her beautiful and uncomplicated world, giving us an experience of a lifetime to feel though exceptionally soothing words. I just wish all of us stop bothering each other’s options and choices, and just accept each other happily and whole-heartedly enjoying each other’s uniqueness, instead of trying to form them in our own made-up definitions of what is right, or what is wrong.

Allison Marie Conway

The rush of traffic far off on the distant highway sounds a little like waves in the ocean and as I sip coffee and listen, my mind drifts to memories of a summer long gone. Young love and young bodies, new hearts and fresh born fantasies. The way a kiss could send your pulse racing right out of your skin and into the weightlessness beyond the atmosphere, beating like a glimmering star high above the earth.

To imagine it ever was is a trick of the brain and a blink of an eye against the culmination of time which is etched beneath the skin like rings in a tree trunk circle and circle the veins.

As I stroll around an elegantly high-soaring fountain which is nestled into the side of a lush green hill, I try my best to empty my thoughts and take in the scenery. Not a singleā€¦

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