The True Self: Resting in Awareness.

Sorry to hear about your loss. I would love to share my 2 cents on the topic of death that you shared. I will keep the soul talk aside since science has yet to prove its existence. For now, I will focus on our present, alive and walking, hearing, reading, writing existence that you and I are (for now). I have written somewhere;

I am
Sum of everyone
I have been

A tiny bit of you (the words you wrote and I read) has become an eternal part of me. I don’t grieve loss of anyone since we are all born and will die one fine day without much notice. However, I do grieve the loss of someone who is alive and decides to part her ways. In an effort to at least taste that grief, I have had at least 177 flings since I started dating back in 2007. I want to feel the grief (of breakup) but can’t since nobody has yet loved me like the one told in Cinderella stories. I think I watched too much cartoons, movies (chick flicks) and read too much romantic stuff. Until that love happens, only then I’d know what grief of losing someone alive is. Losing someone to death is far easier on our hearts and feelings though.

LaDonna Remy

Perspective on Trauma

As I woke this morning, I re-realized that I passed my self-designated date to post on Perspective on Trauma. Like many other months I had a specific post in mind and spent time gathering supportive resources for my monthly article. But, like some other months, there is something that matters more. I find writing about the previously identified subject, won’t come.

Over the last week my husband experienced a profound loss. A loss that touches his life, and both of us deeply. Unexpected, painful, and currently impossible to understand we find ourselves navigating our days the best that we can. Checking in with each other, offering hugs, allowing tears, and listening as we wade forward.

Neither of us are strangers to loss, as will be true for many of you. Whether that is loss on a personal level or the losses we have all endured and been exposed to within…

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