Journal Entry 6/8

Florida mornings and sunsets are beyond any words can describe but Katie did a great job in capturing some of those awesome moments.


Simply Katie

The 7:00 Florida morning in June is truly pleasant. Golden sun drifting up through the live oks, draped in silver, ghost spanish moss. A tiny hint of a breeze flits down the long, concrete porch while birds wake the world with their song. I don’t know these birds, I’ll have to meet them.

The warm sun is lighting up the sprawling palm fronds and the mellow, peaceful pink of my gauzy dress. It’s spilling across my page, arms and chest in a warm, welcoming greeting. It’s an embrace I would return if I could and not shy away from…this one seeps into my soul. I feel it giving me courage. The honest, open heart kind. And serenity. I look up to meet it’s gaze, but it is too brilliant for me. I close my eyes and think of the hands of Jesus on the eyes of the blind man as…

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