Eleonora nailed the concept of love perfectly through these very easy-to-understand words;

“Love is not possessed, but it can be obtained. When you get it, it’il always be part of you. No matter if that loved one is far from you or flees confused, she will always come back if such a feeling has felt. Probably when you say that true love lasts forever a fund of truth there is. Unlike Gibran Nietzsche he always appears very material, linked to reality, as if everything were either just white or just black. Love leads you to perform many actions, sometimes not very positive for yourself, but only and solely in order to make happy or help the person you love. Of course he could not be rhetorical and preferred to be blunt and concise. With our hearts in our hands, Gibran ends our journey again, in search of the best words and metaphors to express a strong love, expressed to hyperbole. The image of this desert covered in flowers at the vist eye just blooming on the blazing sand is really full of charm and feeling. It is the impossible that takes shape. With these words ends this journey to discover a feeling often too stereotyped and taken for granted and that we should all live freely and in all its forms and according to our desire.”

Eleonra said the above by referring to these quotes;

If you love someone, let them go, because if they come back, they have always been yours.
And if she doesn’t come back, she never has been. (Khalil Gibran)

What we do out of love is always beyond good and evil. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

I love you terribly. If a flower blossomed every time I think of you, every desert would be full of it. (Khalil Gibran.)

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