Don’t Cry About It

Expectations are evil when you have not fully practiced and mastered the art of anything you are laying your eyes upon. Especially when it comes to a totally dynamic nature of a human being who is constantly, learning, evolving and changing. When you think you have known the other completely, he/she totally shocks you with something as absurd as you may never want to think. I blame only Cinderella stories writers for fooling the world to believe in that kind of love between a man and a woman. Let that tiny flaw (of love stories) in the human history and civilization not turn all of us into eternally lonely individuals since we got family, friends, neighbors and countless others out there who may be out there seeking someone totally unselfish and without any need to be known or understood. For example, a tree next door standing all by itself but still giving fruits, shelter, seeds and what not back to this universe in return for a beautiful gift known as life.

Celebrate life even when we can’t find love in this constantly changing and evolving world. 🌹

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