Not Being Born

Had I known

This planet is
Full of bitches

Sluts and whores
I’d have decided

Not being born

Preferred being

Like another bitch
Who murdered

My flesh and blood
Despite being

A planned pregnancy
With my

Honest dollars

Note: This cheating, stealing and violent bitch was so much retarded that for her 15 minutes of fame, she used my own money to murder her own flesh and blood through abortion. On the night of abortion, she told me that she can’t fuck another new man as planned for that night because surgeon had advised her to rest for at least 24 hours before opening her legs to a new dick. To me, she was swearing she is not looking for sex. How could she when men’s hard-earned dollars she can steal through just smiling and opening her legs. Ultimately, she stole many expensive gadgets/cash from my home and ran away to new dicks.

A total cheap white trailer trash trying to act like a gold-digger when actual gold-diggers at least look attractive as compared to her elephant-type ugly stinking body, unwashed since many days when I fucked her first time in charity.

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